Juan Manuel Fernandez



I am an Artist and Educator with over a decade of experience in higher education who believes thatnbevery interaction is an opportunity to learn something new. My teaching has afforded me the opportunity to work with brilliant colleauges, and engaing students. My artwork has given me the opportunity to meet new friends, and share new ideas.  I am currently the Director of Art and Deisgn at Elgin Community College in Elgin, IL where I serve as the art curator, gallery manager, art studio operations supervisor, and most importantly as a mentor to over a dozen student workers. 

My artwork explores the depths of isolation, exclusion, and assimilation using a diverse range of artistic techniques including analog and digital hybrid photographic techniques, 3D photogrametry, 3D printing and carving, and various methods of object making.            

Artist Resume

This is a summarization of my experiences, exhibitions, and accolades. Please download my full CV here.
  • Education:  
  • 2026 Ferris State University, Ed.D  - In progress 
  • 2013 Northern Illinois University, MFA Photography
  • 2010 Columbia College Chicago,BFA Photography 
  • 2007 Grand Rapids Community College, AA 
  • Professional Experience:
  • Elgin Community College, 2016 – Present  Director of Art and Design 2020 - Present 
  • Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI, 2014-2015 Assistant Professor – Temporary Appointment  
  • Northeastern Illinois University, 2019 Adjunct Lecturer of Photography 
  •  Judson University, 2018 Adjunct Professor of Photography
  • Waubonsee Community College, 2016 – 2020 Adjunct Instructor of Photography

  •   Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, 2013-2014 Full-Time Instructor of Photography
  • Exhibition Record:
  • 2022 Line, Shape, Form, Repeat, Slemmons Gallery @ Epiphany Center for the Arts,Chicago, IL 
  • 2021 Born on a Forgotten Day, Draewell Gallery, Judson University, Elgin, IL  
  • 2018 Objective, Solo Exhibition, Rockford Art Museum Annex Gallery, Rockford, IL  
  • 2018, Wetplate Photogram Exhibition, Gallery 1 of 1, Seattle, WA 
  • 2017 DARKROOM, Benefit Auction for Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL  
  • 2016 Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us), Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany Curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones  
  • 2013 19th Juried Exhibition, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA Juror Kathy Ryan, Photography Editor New York Times Magazine  
  • 2013 The Aesthetic of Agency, Solo Show, Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL 
  • 2011 29th Annual Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX Juror Ariel Shanberg, executive director at The Center for Photography at Woodstock.
  • 2010 Fantastic Landscape, 310 conTEMPORARY Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center / Columbia College Chicago, IL  
  • Awards:
  • 2023 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Award Winner One of six nationally recognized award winners representing Elgin Community College  
  • 2017 Accession of work into the WCC Permanent Collection, Selection of Escaping the Past, 2013 
  • 2016 Accession of work into the RAM, Selection of Efficiency, 2013 to the Rockford Art Museum Collection 
  • 2012 Selection to the Midwest Photographers Project, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL A portfolio of my project Facade will be in collection at the museum for a period of three years.  
  • Presentations:
  • 2021 Born on a Forgotten Day, Draewell Gallery, Judson University, Elgin, IL 
  • 2019 Facade, Filter Photo Festival, Cliff Dwellers Gallery, Chicago, IL 
  • 2018 Dialogic MDWSPE, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 
  • 2014 Artist Talk, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL 
  • 2013 Artist Talk, The Chicago Project V, Catherine Edelman Gallery Chicago, IL  
  • Publications:
  • 2021 Banalmag Issue 2, Banal Magazine, UK  
  • 2016 Rockford Art Museum Accession Announcement  
  • 2013 TCPV Profile, The Cyclops Blog, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, IL  
  • 2012 Press Release, Photography Now 2012, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY  
  • Interests:
  • Related interests include Woodworking, Fermentation, Rug tufting, Drums, and so many other creative outlets  



  • All
  • Facade
  • Line, Shape, Form, Repeat
  • In My Head
  • That Day May Come


Behind the scenes Photos and Videos of why I don't sleep.

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